howdy 🤠

Bienvenidos, vaqueros y vaqueras. This is Cowgirl, a lil publication (!) where I’ll be writing about 🏜 The American West 🌵. You can expect essays about coyotes, contemporary indigenous issues, cowboys, the history of country music, labor issues in the Gilded Age, Westerns and post-Westerns, fire ecology, who gets to enjoy national parks and who doesn’t, road trips, and more! I’ll be taking an intersectional approach and highlighting stories and histories we’re all maybe less familiar with. The image of the white male cowboy conquering a wild land is pretty much entirely Hollywood fiction, and not a very interesting one. The American West is a land of contradictions, both beautiful and cruel, mythical and banal, nuanced and hard to fully understand. But let’s try!

If there’s ever anything you’re particularly interested in and want me to research, just let me know :)

Yeehaw! 🦅🌲🪕🐍🏔🦬

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The American West: its history, mythologies, cruelty, and beauty