I’ve been listening to so much country music lately! Particularly Alison Krauss & Union Station, which reminds me of driving to school with my mom as a little kid. “Baby Now That I’ve Found You”, “Stay”, and “Let Me Touch You For Awhile” being my favorites. Her voice is so sweet, and hearing the banjo and fiddle almost feels like a warm hug.

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I am so glad I stumbled over your post! I am hitting the road rn, so these songs will be great for that. I write about Music and Art as 2 of the 5 elements of life I write about. I include a 10-song playlist in all of my posts, and, like my dad used to say, "There is two kinds of music - Country & Western." Just posted Dwight Yoakam's Things Change! You can check it out here https://riclexel.substack.com/p/12312021

can't wait to read more of your stuff!


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